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Ice bag® - Champagne and wine ice bucket since 2006

lce.bag® , creation !

Samy Gattino, general manager of GIMEX INTERNATIONAL Compagny, specializes in flexible packaging, had a simple and novel idea to create a multy-task bag : to transport, promote, reuse and chHI his customer's wines and champagnes .
The lce.bag® , the nomad ice bucket , was born from a simple pencil drawing on the corner of a table.
ln 2008, following its successfullaunch on the professional market, Sa my Gattino, launched his first lce.bag® Collection dedicated to the retail market.
Today, the lce.bag® provides a real fun and practical solution. With millions of cases sold around the world, the lce.bag® is a real best-seller.
Even if the product has a simple and pure design, the lce.bag® involves more than 40 operations during its manufacturing process.

lce.bag®, function, qualifies, families

Made of watertight and recyclable PVC materiel, the modern and innovative lce.bag® updates the traditional ice bucket and provides a fun and trendy way to keep botties chilled when moving around. lt also brings lite to the traditional ice bucket image!
Easy to use, it has a double function. Not only used to carry and keep your botties fresh, it is also an original trendy gift. lt suits ali your needs and occasions, for professionals and end users.

lce.bag® - FOR BUSINESS / for professionals

The professional range, composed of 1 3 references, is dedicated to restaurants, wine stores and wineries ... These products are used as ice buckets in a profession al way and also as a communication tool, promotional gift or reusable packaging.
ln 2013, 5 models are added for small local promotional printing.


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