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Are you looking for a special Champagne ? Explore our advanced search tool : you will be able to filter the exhibitors according to your own criteria (Grape variety, Volumes, Dosage, Localisation...). Still not finding the right match, ask our Sommeliers at the bar, they will provide you some individual advices.

Advanced Search Champagne Lounge 2023 Exhibitors

You need some extra information ? Meet the Champagne Lounge Team at the Info Point located at stand 9/A11.


2023 Exhibitors

APOLLONIS - Champagne - Michel Loriot
Champagne Alexandre Bonnet
Champagne Aspasie
Champagne Autréau de Champillon
Champagne Bauser
Champagne Beaumont Des Crayères
Champagne Bernard Lonclas et Filles
Champagne Besserat de Bellefon
Champagne Brocard Pierre
Champagne Castelnau
Champagne Casters Liébart
Champagne Cattier
Champagne Charles Collin
Champagne Collard-Picard
Champagne Collery
Champagne De Barfontarc
Champagne Devaux
Champagne Eugène III
Champagne François Secondé
Champagne Frerejean Frères
Champagne Gaidoz-Forget
Champagne Gallimard Père et Fils
Champagne Gérin
Champagne Guy Charbaut
Champagne H. Blin
Champagne Jacques Picard
Champagne Jean-Noël Haton
Champagne Jean-Pol Hautbois
Champagne Lacuisse Frères
Champagne Laurent-Perrier
Champagne Le Brun De Neuville
Champagne Lombard
Champagne Maurice Vesselle
Champagne Michel Mailliard
Champagne Palmer & Co
Champagne Paul Goerg
Champagne Philipponnat
Champagne Pierre Mignon
Champagne Piot Sévillano
Champagne Ployez-Jacquemart
Champagne Salmon
Champagne Taittinger
Champagne Vincent d'Astrée
Champagne Vollereaux
Champagne Xavier Leconte
Maison Burtin